New US Immigration Reform to benefit the US Economy

There may be new information about US visa as American Senator Marco Rubio has stated that international professionals holding top tech jobs and other related talent may be attracted to remain in the US only if there is some immigration reform in the country.

"Proposed New US Immigration Reform will benefit the USA Economy"
At Washington’s Chamber of Commerce where academics gathered, it was revealed by the Senator that many American graduates are moving elsewhere to practice their expertise and begin their careers and end up letting the country’s competitors benefit and take advantage of their exceptional skills. As a result, it is the US who loses these valuable skills when it is the one that provided them the training and knowledge.

    Legalization of Family Unity Visa Waiver for Immigrant’s Families

    Here is a new piece of US visa information that everybody should know. With the new rule, which was posted on the Federal Register and established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), US citizens who have spouses, parents or children who are illegal immigrants may no longer be separated from their love ones for a long time.

    "DHS to shorten US Visa Waiver Process for Immigrants with Families"
    Effective March 4, such illegal immigrants will be able to apply for a provisional unlawful presence waiver while they are still in the US. They would only need to go home to their native countries for a brief period of time to attend immigrant visa interviews. This came after a consideration was also given to the 4,000 comments received by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) which started coming in last April 2012.

      US Temporary Visas to Immigrant Students

      The United States is known to have some of the best universities and institutions that provide quality academic training. That is why many individuals have decided to come to the United States to enroll and earn their degree.

      "Temporary Visas for Student Immigrants"
      During the whole time that they are studying, they are able to meet new people, grow to love the culture, enjoy the places, scenery and activities, and fall in love with the entire package. But after they graduate, what becomes of these people? Where do they go? Are they able to use their acquired skills in the country? Or are they sent back home to find work and invest their knowledge in another culture?

        Illinois Approves Bill for Immigrants Driver’s Licenses

        Illegal immigrants in Illinois will now be given driver’s licenses to allow them to drive. This makes Illinois the fourth state in the US that allows illegal immigrants to drive. This was after the House of Representatives in the state approved temporary licenses on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Gov. Pat Quinn expressed his intentions of signing it into law.
        Other states that allow driving licenses for illegal immigrants are New Mexico and Washington State. Driver’s permits are issued in Utah. It is noted that in Illinois, there are already 250,000 illegal immigrants who are driving. With the enactment of the law, drivers will already be required to take a driving test and obtain insurance. However, the government is still not sure about how many illegal immigrants would feel comfortable coming out and applying for driver’s licenses.

        "Illinois Approves Driver's License for Undocumented Immigrants"
        Explaining as to why he is interested in signing it into law, Gov. Quinn says roads will be safer if drivers will know the rules of driving.

          New Way to track USA Visa Applications

          When you apply for a US visa, your passport will be taken by the Consular Officer and he will hold on to it during the interview so if you are granted a visa, he will stamp in onto your passport. After 7 business days, the passport is sent to you through a courier. In some cases, the delivery is faster and it is possible that the passport may be received the day after. The time and speed of the delivery varies on the work load of the Consular office.

          " New Tools for Tracking USA Visa Status"
          In the event that you want to make sure how your visa application ios progressing you may make use of the new tracking system for your US visa that replaces all previous tracking systems.

            More Saudi nationals to be granted Visas to the USA

            Saudi Arabian nationals will experience better chances of traveling to America and getting their American visa. This is as a result of US President Barack Obama having lifted most of the restrictions of Saudis entering the country.

            According to Joseph Hood, US Consul General in the city of Dhahran, the United States is currently aiming at increasing the number of United States of America visa approvals on an annual basis. This vision now extends to Saudi nationals as it recognizes them to be an important group.

            He further explained that economic reasons are also among the considerations as to why the government has eased the restrictions on Saudi nationals. He emphasized that in 2010, a 60 percent increase in the number of businessmen and students who have been allowed to enter the US was noted. According to records of the US Consulate in Dhahran, 100 visas are issued per day to Saudi nationals. In 2010 alone, about 21,000 visas were issued wherein 30 percent went to Saudis and their relatives.

              New US Visa Rules will benefit separated US Families

              After President Obama’s re-election as US President, here is a piece of good news.
              US citizens who have had to endure separation from their immediate families under current immigration rules will soon be reunited. Illegal migrants who are immediate family members of US citizens will not have to be separated for much longer as changes to the processing of their US visa application (green cards) have been announced.
              "New US Visa Rules will benefit separated US Families"
              According to Alejandro Mayorkas, director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the law is very beneficial as it helps avoid extreme hardship for US citizens as they await reunion with their families. This is also beneficial especially for those spouses of citizens who were able to enter the country by illegal means which has earned them the tag of having “unlawful presence”.

                America signs agreement with LATAM

                With the United States putting extra effort into strengthening its tourism campaign, the American Airlines has signed an agreement with LATAM Airlines Group. American Airlines is the airline that has more flights to more Latin countries as compared to any other US airline.

                "TAM signs alliance with American Airlines"
                Just recently, an agreement had been signed by the American Airlines to codeshare with TAM Airlines which is based in Sao Paulo and LAN Airlines which is based in Bogota. It is seen that this agreement will represent a stronger bilateral relationship between the American and the LATAM groups.

                  Authorities warn public against fake US visa packages

                  The Philippines Bureau of Investigation Commissioner Ricardo David Jr., has warned the public who want to gain entry for the US about people who are taking advantage of the situation by producing copies of a fake American visa and stripping people off their money. The warning was issued after one woman was already prevented from boarding her Philippine Airline flight bound for San Francisco at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The woman, whose name was withheld, said that she paid P350,000 to get her visa.

                  Now, the citizens of the Philippines are being warned of this United States of America Visa scam that attracts people to purchase a travel package to the USA that is already inclusive of an American visa. The scheme has been dubbed as the “US Round Trip Package” wherein along with a two –way trip to the US, a fake US visa then is also issued to the victims.

                    USCIS announces New Immigration Fee for 2013

                    New US visa information has arrived. Effective from 1st February 2013, a new visa fee will apply. With this, foreign nationals who want to apply for permanent visa in the United States will have to pay a new immigrant fee of $165. The said fee will be collected by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

                    "USCIS Announce New Immigration Charge on 2013"
                    Therefore, as of next year, there will be 2 fees that applicants will have to pay. The first one is the usual DOS Visa application fee and a second one will be the new fee announced by USCIS.